Peterborough-Based Noblegen Is Becoming One Of The Startups To Watch In Canada & Beyond - 10/04/16
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The $50 million Peterborough-based bioproducts start-up Noblegen—an advanced biomaterials company dedicated to developing specialty microorganism-based products for a wide range of consumer and industry sectors—has made another huge announcement about its plans as it grows into a high impact company that will help change the world.

The groundbreaking company, which researches, cultivates and markets unique microalgae strains and their derivatives for various market applications from wastewater treatment to nutritional products—and eventually, pharmaceuticals—announced on Tuesday (October 4th) the injection of a further $5.5 million investment to their startup to build the largest production facility of its kind in North America.

Noblegen’s recent private equity raise will be used to construct the first of two commercial manufacturing facilities in 2017 and support 33 jobs in Ontario’s bioeconomy.

nventor Adam Noble, Founder of Noblegen, created this amazing new filtration method.

Here´s how it works...

The Euglena BioFiltration System is a simple concept inspired by nature. The idea derives from algae blooms and their ability to extract nearly all nutrients from their surroundings. Noble took this one step further to employ a very unique alga that can be tricked into absorbing minerals, heavy metals and other pollutants from the environment. Though algae blooms wreak havoc on our ecosystems, Noble has applied the same philosophy for positive results.
“We see algae differently. We want to create a more sustainable future," Noble says. "We are going to change the way the world treats water and we want to do that right here in Canada.”